Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vaporizer Review

If you are looking for an honest vaporizer review then you have come to the right place. I am going to provide you with an honest review on some of the top selling vaporizers that are currently available on the market today. There are a variety of different styles and models available which makes finding a vaporizer review which will provide you with the information you seek that is accurate an honest almost impossible.

Which type of vaporizer you should purchase will depend on a variety of things such as your budget, specifications and whether or not you are looking for a desktop unit or one which you can easily take with you on the go. Understanding the different types of vaporizers available and how they work can help you to understand the information found within these reviews so that you can make an educated decision.

  • Portable Vaporizer - If you are looking for a portable vaporizer then you should check out the review on the WizVape vaporizer which is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a top quality portable vaporizer which is made of top quality products and offers a patented design which allows the herbs to be stirred throughout the heating process to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed. Combine this with the fume free, quiet operation and you will see why the WizVape vaporizer is the best choice if you are looking for a portable vaporizer.
  • Desktop Vaporizer – There are many types of desktop or tabletop vaporizers currently available on the market today; some of the more popular options are the Volcano vaporizer, the Extreme-Q and the Silver Surfer just to name a few. While all of these models are a great choice for anyone looking for a desktop vaporizer, none of them offer the patented STIRHEAT technology which can decrease waste and increase the heat distribution so that all of the active chemicals are able to be extracted from all of the herbs placed within the heating chamber. Many models typically only heat the herbs which are in contact with the walls of the heating chamber which can cause herbs to be wasted or overheated.

So, if you are looking for the best vaporizer which will allow you to enjoy the many benefits of vaporing while decreasing the amount of wasted herbs then the WizVape vaporizer is the best option for you. Combine this with the fact that the unit is battery operated; fume free and extremely portable and you can see why this new model is quickly growing in popularity.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Herbal Vaporizer

A herbal vaporizer is a popular way of enjoying the benefits of marijuana without the harmful side effects. However, many people are not sure of the proper way to use a vaporizer for marijuana and therefore are unable to receive the most beneficial effects from the vapors which contain marijuana’s active ingredient THC.

There are some recommendations from users which you may find helpful if you plan on using a vaporizer for the extraction of the chemical compounds of marijuana. The temperature which the vaporizer is set to, the amount of herb to place into the heating chamber and whether or not the herbs are ground all play a part in the proper vaporization process and will have an effect of the quality of the vapor produced.

If you are going to use a portable vaporizer for your marijuana or other herbs, I suggest the WizVape vaporizer because it is the best portable vaporizer on the market today. This awesome portable vaporizer provides the user with a variable heat dial which allows you to easily control the temperature as well as a STIRHEAT dial which will allow you to manual stir the herbs during the vaping process. So if you are looking for a battery operated vaporizer that works quietly and is fume free you may want to check out this model.
  • To Grind or Not to Grind? – For most vaporizers you will find that the heat is able to evenly penetrate the herbs easier if they are first ground. For this reason it is suggested that you use a grinder to grind the marijuana prior to placing into the heating chamber of the vaporizer.
  • How Much? – You want to place enough marijuana into the chamber to ensure that it is compacted yet not too compacted so that the herbs may burn in the areas that are in contact with the direct heat. Unless of course you are using the WizVape vaporizer which allows you to continuously stir the herbs to prevent scorching and even heat distribution.
  • What Temperature?  - The suggested temperature for vaping medical marijuana is between 338 and 365 Degrees F. If you set the temperature any higher than this it can cause the herbs to combust and if you set the temperature any lower then this then you will not be able to extract the THC from the herbs. Keep the temperature within the suggested range for the best effects.

Vaporizer for Weed

If you are looking for a vaporizer for weed that will allow you to experience the benefits of medical marijuana without the harmful side effects, then you are not alone. Many medical marijuana users now realize that using a vaporizer is a better alternative to smoking marijuana due to the elimination of harmful chemicals such as tar and other carcinogens while still quickly providing the health benefits which medical marijuana is known for.

The THC found in marijuana is even known to cut down the rate of growth of cancerous tumors and also may be linked to the inability of cancer to spread once it is contracted. For this reason, if you are using a vaporizer for delivery, then you can help to prevent or slow down the progression of cancer without introducing any new carcinogens into the body.

The WizVape vaporizer offers a solution for users with cancer who would like to use the benefits of THC to help treat lung cancer. You will find that the THC in marijuana is effectively delivered through vaporization and can target cannabinoid receptors in a similar manner to endocannabinoids which are produced by the body naturally. The fumeless use of the WizVape vaporizer which is powered by batteries and offers up to 3 hours of use with a single charge is a great option for anyone who would like to use a vaporizer for administering medical marijuana to help with cancer treatment.

How THC Found in Marijuana Can Help Fight Lung Cancer

  • Reduction of Tumor Size – A British study has shown that in mice which were injected with cancerous cells into the lungs for a period of three weeks, THC injection were able to effectively reduce the growth of the tumors in both weight and size by up to 50% when compared to other control groups which did not receive the THC injections.
  • Reduction in Cancer Lesions – Other interesting findings from the same British study have shown that not only is there a reduction in the size and growth of the tumor but a reduction in the cancer lesions as well by up to 60% in comparison to untreated control groups which were injected with the same cancerous cells.
  • Reduction in Protein Markers – As cancer progresses, the progression is often monitored by tracking the protein markers which are commonly associated with the progression of cancer. In the control group which was regularly injected with THC there was a significant reduction in the protein markers and could point to the ability of THC to reduce the growth rate of cancer.

Vaporizers for Pot

Although there are many different herbs and plant materials which can be used in a vaporizer, vaporizers for pot are becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits which using a vaporizer offers to medical marijuana smokers. This alternate option provides users with the option to elude the combustion process while enjoying the same effects without the accompanying health effects which may occur from smoking medical marijuana.

Using a vaporizer will also allow the same effect to be achieved with a smaller amount of the herb when vaping which makes these a popular option which is able to effectively deliver adequate levels of THC while also reducing the amount of medical marijuana needed to achieve the same effect. By heating the herbs to the desired temperature the vapor that is released will concentrate the THC for fast and effective deliver of the primary components found to treat a variety of medical conditions.
So, if you are looking for a vaporizer that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana on the go then you should consider the WizVape portable vaporizer. This awesome new vaporizer provides users with a variety of benefits which are not found in many other vaporizers such as; battery operated power which is fume free, ceramic and glass heating chamber and STIRHEAT technology which prevents scorching while distributing the heat throughout the medical marijuana evenly in order to treat the many conditions which are commonly aided with this medical treatment option.

There are many medical conditions which are treated through the use of medical marijuana in areas where the use of medical marijuana has been legalized. Within the United States medical marijuana has been legalized within 18 states including New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, Vermont, New Jersey, Nevada, Connecticut, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona, California, DC, Delaware, Michigan, Maine and Montana.  Many patients choose vaporizers as a safe and effective deliver option. 

Some Medical Conditions Treated With Medical Marijuana
  • Chronic pain – Helps with pain Management.
  • Chemotherapy/Cancer – Helps both pain and nausea associated with chemotherapy.
  • Eating Disorders – Increases Appetite and decreases Nausea.
  • Chronic Nausea – Decreases the occurrence of both nausea and vomiting.
  • Hepatitis C – Counteracts depression and nausea which is caused by prescription treatments.
  • Insomnia – Helps aid in sleeping.
  • Migraine Headaches – Counteracts nausea & vomiting caused by Migraines. 
  • Glaucoma – Reduces intraocular pressure caused by glaucoma.
  • Crohn’s Disease – THC can reduce the activity of Crohn’s disease.
  • HIV/Aids – Treats nausea, anxiety, loss of appetite and pain which are all associated with Aids.
  • Depression/Anxiety Disorders – Helps relieve the symptoms of depression & anxiety and reduces the dependency on prescription medications.

Volcano Vaporizer

Most people have heard of the volcano vaporizer; however, there is now a better option which offers similar benefits for a much more affordable price.  All of the reasons that make this popular vaporizer  so popular are found in the WizVape vaporizer in a much more convenient and portable size while also offering the patented STIRHEAT mixing system which is the only one of its kind on the market today.

The STIRHEAT mixing system found within the WizVape vaporizer allows for the herbs to be continuously mixed within the inner chamber while using the vaporizer allowing for even heat distribution which reduces the amount of waste due to uneven heating. Another added benefit of the WizVape vaporizer that other models are not able to offer is a three hour charge time from a single charge of the battery that offers a fume free experience due to the lack of butane which is commonly found in other vaporizers.

There are other benefits of the WizVape vaporizer which make this convenient portable vaporizer a must have for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of herbs and other plant material without the harmful effects which are often caused by smoking these same substances. With the ceramic and glass heating chamber you can also rest assured that there will be no pharmacological reaction with the herbs. 
  • Potency - One of the many benefits that you will experience from using a vaporizer such as the WizVape it that the potency of the herbs are retained causing you to use less of the herbs to achieve the same desired effect. Due to the smoking process, combustion causes many of the active ingredients to be destroyed during the combustion process leading to wasted herbs and in turn wasted money. By controlling the temperature you can enjoy the full effect without the waste.
  • Taste – Because you are able to control the temperature for which the herbs are heated, it makes it possible to adjust the temperature setting according to the herb which you are using. Each herb has a different optimal heat which will allow for the best flavor possible. This produces a better aroma and better taste as well. Smoking herbs causes the herbs to go through the process of combustion, which changes and distorts the flavor of the herbs.
  • Reduced Cost – Due to the vaporizing process it is possible to achieve the same or better effects from a smaller amount of herbs which can cut costs and save you a lot of money over time. You will find that your inventory of herbs will last much longer due to the decrease in amount which is needed for you to achieve the desired effect. The money that you will save on the purchase of herbs will quickly add up.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vaporizer For Marijuana

Due to the harmful effects which smoking marijuana can cause, there has been more and more research showing that using a vaporizer for marijuana can cut down and perhaps eliminate the these harmful effects to your health. The standard process of smoking medical marijuana can add tar and other harmful chemicals to be absorbed into the lungs. The longer the smoke is held in before being exhaled, the greater the chances of adding these harmful chemicals into the lungs which can lead to irritation to both the lungs and throat.

Using a vaporizer is a healthy alternative which prevents these harmful health effects while delivering the same or better effects to the user. When a vaporizer is used the combustion process is adverted by heating the marijuana to a temperature which will allow for the THC to be released into a vapor which is then inhaled without the other harmful ingredients such as tar.

The WizVape vaporizer is a portable unit which will allow the user to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana on the go; while also removing the harmful health risks associated with smoking this herb. This unit is battery operated, fume free and compact in size making it the perfect vaporizer for enjoying the many benefits of marijuana and other herbs. The WizVape vaporizer even has STIRHEAT technology which will ensure less waste due to even heat distribution which allows for the herbs to be evenly heated creating less waste.

Benefits of Using a Vaporizer

  • Eliminates Adverse Effects – For medical marijuana users who would like to experience the beneficial effects of this herb without the harmful side effects, using a vaporizer is a great way to do just that. The adverse effects associated with smoking marijuana can be eliminated almost altogether by switching over from smoking to vaping this beneficial herb.
  • Removes the Risk of Cancer – The carcinogens which are present in marijuana smoke are similar to those found in cigarette smoke which may lead to cancer in many people. These byproducts which are released during the combustion process can be eliminated by using a vaporizer instead of the standard practice of smoking this popular herb for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions.
So, if you are looking for a portable vaporizer that will offer you all of these benefits and more then you should be sure to check out WizVape vaporizer. This awesome portable vaporizer offers exciting advancements in the world of portable vaporizers that are not readily available in other handheld models.